Argus - Self-Titled

Released by Shadow Kingdom Records, 2009
Recorded at Soundscape Studios in McKees Rocks, PA
Written by Argus (organ on The Damnation of John Faustus written/recorded by John Gallo)
Engineered by Dave Watson
Mixed by Argus and Dave Watson
Mastered by Justin Weis at TrakWorx Studios
Artwork by Brad Moore
Graphic Layout by Tamara Abarzua
Format: Compact Disc, Double LP Gatefold Vinyl



  1. Devils, Devils
  2. Bending Time
  3. From Darkness... Light
  4. Eternity (Beyond Part 1)
  5. None Shall Know The Hour
  6. The Damnation of John Faustus
  7. The Effigy Is Real
  8. The Outsider


Bonus Tracks:
Oblivion (original music by Argus, Recorded/Mixed by Jesse Proper, vinyl release only)
Phantom of the Opera (originally recorded by Iron Maiden©, Recorded/Mixed by Jesse Proper, vinyl release only)


Band Lineup:

Butch Balich on Vocals
Kevin Latchaw on Drums
Jason Mucio on Guitar
Mike Wisniewski on Guitar
Andy Ramage on Bass



The album that started it all. The music on this release is a compilation of songs written over the course of four years or better; some of this material came in when Jason joined the band and had been written prior to that by him. This album sounds different than the others because of the time span and also because of varying styles and interests, we were still figuring out what we wanted to sound like. Nonetheless, there are some "classics" on this album that we still play at almost every show we do and that helped to solidify our position and reputation in the metal world.