From Fields of Fire

Released by Cruz Del Sur, 2017
Recorded at Drums recorded at Tonic Studios, guitars recorded at ATBD Studios and Tonic Studios, vocals recorded at CBT Studios
Written by All music by Argus, Into/From The Fields of Fire written/recorded by Watson, 216 by Argus and Andy Ramage
Engineered by Dave Watson
Mixed by Dave Watson with input from Argus, mixed at Tonic Studios and ATBD Studios
Mastered by Fascination Street Studios
Artwork by Brad Moore
Graphic Layout by Tamara Abarzua
Format: Compact Disc, Double LP Gatefold Vinyl



  1. Into The Fields Of Fire
  2. Devils Of Your Time
  3. As A Thousand Thieves
  4. 216
  5. You Are The Curse
  6. Infinite Lives, Infinite Doors
  7. Hour Of Longing
  8. No Right To Grieve
  9. From The Fields Of Fire


Bonus Tracks:
You Are The Curse (demo version - vinyl release only)
216 (demo version - vinyl release only)
By Endurance We Conquer (recorded live in Fismes, France 2016 - vinyl release only)
A Curse On The World (recorded live in Fismes, France 2016 - vinyl release only)


Band Lineup:

Butch Balich on Vocals
Kevin Latchaw on Drums
Jason Mucio on Guitar
Dave Watson on Guitar
Justin Campbell on Bass



It's been four years since we released a full-length album, lineup changes and everyone's personal schedules made getting this fourth release finished a bit of a challenge. All in all, once we started really writing and putting together this album it didn't take long for it to come together. Dave brought a lot to the table for this one and so this release has a little different feel to it; we stepped up our writing, playing and production on this one and are very proud of how this album turned out.