The Original Demo

Released by Argus and Bland Hand Records, 2007
Recorded at Kevin's House
Written by Argus
Engineered by Mike Wisniewski
Mixed by Mike Wisniewski and Argus
Mastered by Mike Wisniewski and Argus
Artwork by Christopher Marlowe circa 1616
Graphic Layout by Argus
Format: Compact Disc



  1. Bending Time
  2. Eternity (Beyond Part 1)
  3. The Damnation of John Faustus
  4. The Effigy Is Real
  5. Sleeping Dogs


Band Lineup:

Butch Balich on Vocals
Kevin Latchaw on Drums
Jason Mucio on Guitar
Mike Wisniewski on Guitar
Andy Ramage on Bass



Shortly after we first got togther as the lineup above and had enough songs written, we put together this demo so we had something to give to prospective labels. We ended up also handing this out to people at some higher profile "Doom Fest" gigs as well and it became pretty popular. The Bland Hand version was released after the original prints were given out, our friend John Brenner from Baltimore offered to do this for us. While it was great that it became so popular, this ended up causing us a little grief when our debut full length record came out because tracks 1-4 from the demo were on it. Some people were annoyed because it wasn't all completely new material but we never meant for the demo to reach so many people and the recording didn't do the songs justice, we wanted them recorded professionally.