Boldly Stride The Doomed

Released by Cruz Del Sur, 2011
Recorded at Soundscape Studios in McKees Rocks, PA
Written by Argus (acoustic guitar on Abandoning the Gates recorded by Zach Jones, keys on 42-7-29 written/recorded by Dave Watson)
Engineered by Dave Watson
Mixed by Argus and Dave Watson
Mastered by Justin Weis at TrakWorx Studios
Artwork by Brad Moore
Graphic Layout by Tamara Abarzua
Format: Compact Disc, Double LP Gatefold Vinyl



  1. Abandoning the Gates [instrumental]
  2. A Curse on the World
  3. Wolves of Dusk
  4. The Ladder
  5. 42-7-29
  6. Boldly Stride The Doomed
  7. Fading Silver Light
  8. Pieces of your Smile
  9. The Ruins of Ourboros [instrumental]


Bonus Tracks:
At The Gallows End (originally recorded by Candlemass©, vinyl release only)
Róisín Dubh (originally recorded by Thin Lizzy©, vinyl release only)


Band Lineup:

Butch Balich on Vocals
Kevin Latchaw on Drums
Jason Mucio on Guitar
Erik Johnson on Guitar
Andy Ramage on Bass



We were very excited to be working with Enrico at Cruz Del Sur, this is our debut release with them. This album has a darker tone to it and was largly written spaced out over the period of time after we completed the recording of our first album. It was an exciting one to write as it was our first to be written collectively and the album has more of a unified feel as a whole because of it.