Sleeping Dogs EP

Released by

Pariah Child, 2011

Recorded at

Kevin's House

Written by


Engineered by

Mike Wisniewski

Mixed by

Mike Wisniewski and Argus

Mastered by

Mike Wisniewski and Argus

Artwork by

John Gallo

Graphic Layout by




  1. Sleeping Dogs
  2. The Damnation of John Faustus
  3. Bending Time
  4. Eternity (Beyond Part I)



10" Vinyl


Band Lineup:

Butch Balich on Vocals
Kevin Latchaw on Drums
Jason Mucio on Guitar
Mike Wisniewski on Guitar
Andy Ramage on Bass



Our friend Danny Angus from Belfast runs the Pariah Child label and wanted to re-release our original Demo on vinyl. Another good friend of ours, John Gallo from Rochester, NY (Orodruin, Blizaro) did the artwork for it. It's an awesome release which is now sold out and won't ever be in print again.